Custom Made

Antonio Sala has been manufacturing custom-made furniture for over 100 years. Craftsmanship continues to be part and parcel of its current history, alongside a business approach that combines cutting-edge technology and workmanship. To Antonio Sala, custom-made means global turnkey services and the solution of all problems associated with the project in close cooperation with architects and designers. Antonio Sala shares the entire project with all the professionals it works with, providing flexibility, expertise and its own special point of view.


Thanks to its extensive network of carefully selected external and internal collaborators, Antonio Sala is able to undertake all types of projects in Italy and abroad, spanning from private homes to hotels and from commercial venues to institutional buildings. Antonio Sala can also offer General Contractor services for interior design projects, fully respecting the different roles and the “project concept” and interacting closely with architects and designers.
Antonio Sala offers know how, experience & state-of-the-art services.