Antonio Sala

Our company history begins in Brianza, in the second half of the XIX century. In 1910, a highly promising young artist and sculptor founded Antonio Sala Mobili. After a few years, the company switched its focus on made-to-measure-furniture and made a name for itself on both sides of the Atlantic. The first mono-brand store was inaugurated in the heart of Rome in the late fifties, and in 1969 the company took on its current name Antonio Sala.

Thanks to its ability to meet the requirements of designers, architects and international contractors, Antonio Sala expanded its presence in the international market, and in the wake of the success achieved, in the nineties it became the number one supplier to the European Parliament. Today the company is managed by Alessandro Sala, a young architect who represents the fifth generation of the family. Well aware of the deeply rooted tradition of its family, Alessandro has adopted an approach that combines cutting-edge technology and superior craftsmanship to create truly bespoke products. Leveraging on its great flexibility and a very close cooperation with architects and interior designers, Antonio Sala masters each and every stage in the design process and can intervene at any point in time to deliver turnkey projects.