8 steps to the success of a project

Design Assistance

In this step we work closely with architects, interior designers, buyers or customers: we discuss the rough ideas, the project preliminaries, the materials, the proposals that we want to discuss with to the customer, to ensure it is concreate and feasible every solution, both on the construction and on the economic level.

Shop drawings e mock-up

Our technical office deals with the development of drawings and executive details with the consequent production of prototypes, and when required mock-up room too. This integration of services allows to fine-tune all the technical aspects and construction processes that make up the project in its entirety.

Project plan

Starting from the architect’s drawings, our team organizes and coordinates each step of the project. The technical management of the dossier (executive study, production, transport, logistics, etc.) is ensured by a single referent who grants the effective implementation of each phase of the project.


Whatever project you have in mind, we make it: furniture, upholstered furniture, chairs, armchairs, tables, furnishing accessories, metal structures, boiseries, fixed furnishings, inserts in glass, stone, marble, metal, special materials and much more. We internally, in our laboratories, manufacture most of the elements that make up the project; in addition, we use an accurate network of suppliers who have been collaborating with the company since years, ensuring a high standard of quality and the appropriate degree of confidentiality.


Once the production step is over, each piece is coded and pre-assembled in the company, both before proceeding with the finishing operations and when the finishing is completed. This occurs both for individual furnishings and for more complex environments. This phase is a crucial part for the constant monitoring of the work in progress.

Quality Check

Each product is checked and followed at every stage of its production to ensure that all aspects regarding the quality and correspondence of the piece with the design characteristics dictated by the professional are verified. In addition, after finishing, each product goes through a further final check, before proceeding with the packaging operations.

Logistics service

A special space is dedicated inside the company’s warehouses where each product of the project is carefully packaged, coded and stored until its final shipment. Each packaging is created ad hoc to meet the regulations required by the countries for which it is intended. Our team coordinates and internally manages the shipment and it has been collaborating for years with competent and specialized carriers operating worldwide.

Assembly and installation

Each piece is delivered packaged and coded in such a way that it is easily recognizable to fitters. We also have specialized teams that take care of all the steps that contribute to definitive assembly and implementation: from the organization of site logistics to the definition of a specific installation plan for each part of the project. With the supervision of the professional with whom we collaborate, we complete the construction phases until the final testing.